[playtest] torch bug with shovel

Copycat80 shared this bug 4 years ago

When I go from holding a torch to holding a shovel, the torch goes away; naturally as this is how the game works. But there is a cricumstance where the player seems to try to requip the torch while digging for breif moments causing a flikering/stuttering light to appear from thier feet. The player's feet aslo smoke like they are on fire, but only for fractions fo a second.

This only occcured once, in the early morning of the game (as the sun was lighting the rocks for the first time).

my theories on what happened

1 the player was getting thrown into the air a tiny bit by the disturbed voxel, and while in air de-equiping the shovel and equiping the torch.

2 a lighting issue with the morning/fog

3 a barbairan spawned under me and was stuck in voxel (i dont think this one is true however)

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Thank you for the report. I will look at it.

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