Not able to place blocks

Sloths shared this bug 5 years ago
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Hello, i'm new to the game, as I have been looking to find a suitable simulator to build castles and villages for fantasy worlds and ideas, but I have not been able to build. I am able to bring things into my hotbar and inventory, and my game is not having any other issues to my knowledge, but whenever I have a block I want to place down, nothing with left or right click works.

I have tried multiple mice, different USB ports, and have checked my key bindings, so I am not sure what else it could be besides something that is interfering with my controls inside the game. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello, thank you for the report. Hmm, this is an interesting problem. I will need more information about this issue. Are you playing in survival or in creative? Are you placing these blocks in the ground or in the air? Do you have any screenshots with this issue?

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