No Stamp Mill

Captain Amazing shared this bug 4 years ago

New version uploaded this morning. Stamp Mill is nowhere to be found. All tech is researched, not in G or I menu, not in forge, furnace, or crafting table. No toolheads, no sign of it whatsoever. Multiple restarts including reboots in creative and survival. Nothing.

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EDIT: Ten minutes later. Restarted game, 90% of my torches were no longer showing light. Just a few still on. But torches are 'on', so I turned a few off, then on and they worked normally. Out of curiosity I restarted again and the torches I just rebooted were off again, but the few stragglers that stayed on previously were still on.

Very similar to the torch bug a few years ago that'd put out your whole castle.

But the stamp mill has appeared in my g menu. No explanation, but I've traded one bug for another so I thought I'd update the report.

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