Mysterious exploding machicolations...

Rye Bread shared this bug 5 years ago

So, I don't know if it's the way the new meshes bear load or something, but I used to be able to do the following with the old machicolations just fine. Now when I try to do anything with them random parts of my wall just EXPLODE. I thought, okay these new machicolations are bigger and thus heavier so I should use stone cubes instead of stone walls to support them.. so I research it and build them...... I have not had any more wall shattering but the machicolations still shatter when they should not. An interesting detail I suppose is this happens MOSTLY when I place new frames. Maybe the game is trying to redistribute the weight of everything through a weak wooden frame? It doesn't seem right to me; I could be wrong but I know I used to be able to do this fine before the update.

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I had a similar issue when attempting to build something that worked in previous version.

Its about structural integrity and support.

My solution was to put blocks under the machicolations to add support.

I used pillars, up against the wall.

Once this was done in the corners, the machicolations stayed up. Placing pillars all around just helped a lot of heavy and critical loads.

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