Multiple Bugs (part 6)

József Szabó shared this bug 5 years ago

Bug 1: Quickly double tapping "Action" button on doors/shutters brings up the Debug draw screen with a increasing number of "Medieval Engineers [x errors]". It increases by 1 each time it occurs.

Bug 2: First barbarian attack is nearly impossible to block, no matter what direction it comes from. I can block any attack anytime other than the very first ones. Blocking mechanism is there, but poor bastard barbarian simply ignores it for the first time. At the start of each swordfight I feel like I'm Beric against the Hound...

Bug 3: Crossbow Bolts are placed incorrectly on the anvil in the Smithy block.

Sorry for the "Multiple Bugs" flood, but I'm trying my best to keep the topics tidy, and not actually posting 15+ times. I'm collecting hideous bugs for you, oh mightly bug smasher!

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I can confirm Bug 2

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