Multiple Bugs (part 1)

József Szabó shared this bug 5 years ago

I assume pictures show up by default in the order I uploaded them.

Bug 1: This block placement should not be possible. I didn't do any glitching, this is simply possible for some reason. Blocks involved: Large Round Battlement, Small Round Ledge Platform.

Bug 2: Sadly, I don't know how it happens, but it is quite common. It happens at least once per session. Some blocks get a red outline and stay that way for the rest of the session. Sometimes happens to flora as well, but they get white outline.

Edit: I reproduced it multiple times. Doesn't always work, but it causes it. How to do it: I picked a multiblock (seems like it only happens with these), aimed at the top of a block (where it is unable to place), then aimed at a block, which is a different block, but we still have the outline on the previous block, then switched to empty hand or 0. I attach images.

Bug 3: Just a tiny grammar error. "Melt a rusted sword into metal parts" should be the right replacement.

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Thank you for a report. We know about some of these issues and we are going to fix them in the future updates.

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