More Projectile options

Jim Vyhlidal shared this feedback 5 years ago

We have the large and small projectiles, but the damage isn't satisfying as we'd like.

Large Stones weigh considerably more than large projectiles and their the same material and size. My suggestion is to increase weight to projectiles, not quite the same weight as a large stone, but just a little less. otherwise i'll have to keep wasting small chests and barrels.

Maybe even a steel/iron/tin/copper/gold/silver large projectile, the gold/silver is when you want to pay for your damage as you make it, or just have too many resources and want to donate it to the less fortunate... Also the metal projectiles should be *nearly* indestructible, so the "other guys" can gather them up and reuse them.

Possibly even add a rope attachment to the large stone. Please...

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