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Tom schmidt shared this feedback 5 years ago


like many other players Im a huge fan of ME since release.

Fantastic game with a epic update.

But multiblocks removal was a Heartbreaking thing for me, so many building options asthetics, possibilities, mods that rely on that, that are broken now, like small grid blocks - that allowed you to build round triangle oval etc castles, forts

And my last project like so often after updates again useless because few mods not updated or broken because multiblocks removal.

For me a reason to end my ME experience or wait till they back.

But I wanted to speak also for a lot ppl,friends that I know I wanted to motivate again for ME before weeks perhaps for hope changes.

Wooden Gallery, absolut must have essential mod, that adds amazing possibilities to build just check, that should move into game like sleep trought night etc...

Water mod ok that for alot perfomance hit, but could work as option to tick in before loading world for first time?

I m unsure with every update like, oh hopefully this mod is not broken or get updated..

When it isn t the case thats a huge dissapointment for a fan..

Only solution not breaking mod with update but almost impossible...or implementing ingame?

However I just wanted to show that even a big fan thats stubborn, can loose interest just because of these things.

That s there atm no life in world, horses that would be so awesome to drag barbarians behind you or, npc wandering your castle in numbers or invader groups of barbarians is also important, but there I strongly believe that it comes one day.

But I lost hope that mods breaking, mods loosing, world-castle loosing,

starting from 0 again all the time, will stop.

Hopefully we get multiblocks again, or a possibility to build castle walls in oval round triangle formations, so that a castle gets much more diversitified look...

sry for my bad english can t explain things good in it.

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