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Roman Revell shared this bug 5 years ago

I went to the metal tools quest and it told me to craft a hammer or pick axe. I melted the hammer I already had--by the way, if I have already created a hammer, the quest should recognize that fact and credit me that; so, it should have been already fulfilled as soon as I started it, no?

I then crafted a new hammer from the bronze I got back. Nothing happened. It didn't recognize that I crafted a metal hammer in the smithy.

Also, the quest still says to add resources to the smithy's inventory. We don't do that anymore; so, all such quests or comments need to be updated. Looks like you guys just forgot about that.

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I was having trouble with this one too. It looks like you have to build the tool out of copper in order to complete the quest. This worked for me, at least. It would be helpful if the quest spelled that out though.


Thanks. I think I got past that, probably because I happened to make a copper or iron tool. It says metal. That should be any metal. And, I had already previously made a metal bronze tool. So, it would be nice if the game could know that I've already done that and not make me do it again just to complete the quest. Not that big of a deal I guess, if doing that is too hard.


Were did my things go?

I have just started over, one more time. love this game. the old one singel player. this new just make me sad. today I just made my furnens and smelted some copper to ingots. and take them, all 10 of them it was. but were did they go? nowere to be found, so I could not make my new tools so sad hope this will be fixed soon. in one of

my erlier start over I could not do my woodenhammer so I could not build anything. and today when I melted my copper, idid not see any bronse, i hade 2 tin ingot to melt with my copper ingot but it was not there and no ingots nowere. so sad i want to play.

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