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Calibre shared this bug 4 years ago

Have been playing on a server for a couple of weeks now and the server has lately started crashing quite a bit which we've confirmed is caused when traveling to a certain location, like earlier the server crashed several times while I traveled to D2 in Umbril which is one of my stops on my regular travel route and I reproduced the crash twice and realized that's what caused the crashes.

The glitched location in Umbril D2 is only recent though and I know there are 9 other regions in Bar Hadur that are also glitched.

Bar Hadur D7 used to have a claim/castle grid which at some point, that region became glitched, as reported by the player that owned that claim, and pretty quickly, 8 adjacent regions also became glitched and causing crashes if entering those regions. Fast traveling to glitched regions always causes the server to crash instantly when arriving at the region and if entering such a region on foot then the crashes are slightly delayed, not sure if in terms of time spent in that regions or depending on how far into that region you go but the crashes come quickly either way at less than a minute.

It's also clear that all the affected regions have had claims in them and the first player affected by this also reported that he could no longer spawn in his castle as if the claim spawn was no longer an option, including spawning at the bed.

This also seems to be spreading to other regions, not necessarily adjacent regions but other regions across the planet, starting at claims or perhaps more accurately, entire grids that may have become glitched so severely, it starts affecting the region it inhabits and proceeding to the regions next to it, spreading like a cancer.

On the surface this looks like corruption (probably server side) of the game world itself based on what's happening and regions becoming inaccessible by any means. This would in my opinion be the most serious problem currently in Medieval Engineers and requires some serious patching up or thousands of hours will get lost and angry players will come knocking with torches and pitchforks.

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Here's also a log file if that may help, however the client doesn't crash when these events occur, instead it seems that all the players are simply booted out of the server and the server automatically restarts. I once again went to the glitched area in Umbril on the server and here too it seems that there are 8 regions adjacent to D2 that were also affected as the server crashed a few seconds after I entered region C3.

Regardless of what's causing this, it's spreading in different areas and effectively erasing people's grids. The grids themselves appear to still be physically present, at least in this area in Umbril but can't say for sure about the affected regions in Bar Hadur where the first glitched regions appeared.

Also, the server is not running any mods.

Edit: I can't confirm that all 8 adjacent regions are also affected in the same way since I can't simply go crashing a public server to test every single region, but that's what it appears to be.


If you can, I'd recommend also posting the world file, especially if you suspect corruption. It might give it a higher chance of getting fixed.

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