ME 7.XX Plants Disappear right in front of your eyes

James Hewlett shared this bug 4 years ago
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Watched Flax from seeding to growth in a enclosed area reach mature and die within minutes of mature stage and then disappear. Uninstalled game and all files from all locations reinstalled made sure was straight vanilla. Watched another set of Flax do the same.

On a side note "kejn" did not appreciate your comment just disregarding it on steam.

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Hello, thank you for the report. Is this still happening or not? There was a small issue with deer.



Wa had the same problem on our dedicated server.

It seems there was an update on feb-19, so yesterday evening we no longer had this problems. We were able to harvest full field of Flax.

We gonna try again this evening to see if its confirmed.

Quick note: it could be greeat to have fix note of published server/client patch ;)

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