LODs are popping in too close

Stori3D_Past shared this bug 5 years ago

LODs for blocks are firing about twice as close as they should be. I noticed this when working on a new mod, and have confirmed it by testing with a vanilla block, the bookshelf.

Expected Outcome: Bookshelf LODs should fire at progressive distances, with LOD4 firing at 40 blocks away.

True Outcome: Bookshelf LOD4 fires when you are only 18 blocks away.


(1) Place a bookshelf in front of you, in Creative mode.

(2) Place a string of cubes or walls 18 long behind you.

(3) Return your character so that he/she is standing immediately in front of the bookshelf.

(4) Go to Spectator view with F8, and retreat to the end of the 18-long string of cubes.

(5) Wait for 3-4 seconds for the LODs to fully load in.

(6) Return to First Person view with F6 and immediately notice the bookshelf. It will cycle through all 4 of its LODs.

This is a problem because highly-detailed models lose their detail much more quickly than they should.

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Hello, thank you for the report. We will look at LODs in the future.

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