Late Game Tasks/Goals 3 WAYS

Zabernack shared this feedback 5 years ago


Well to start this game is fantastic. A diamond in the rough right now. However something i feel this game and its sister game (Space Engineers) lacks is a late game goal to keep you driven to do something. As it stands we have nothing left to overcome once we learn how to make the mundane tasks easier, build towers taller, and learn all there is to know! We need a system to keep us moving in the right direction. Something to put our skills to the test!


How could we do this? Well I thought of three ways. All different. All demanding. All important. Lets begin with number 1.


In an event driven quest series you'll be tasked with building your very first castle and defending it against a group of attackers with light siege craft. I.E. 15-20 NPC characters that will spawn a distance away (after an elapsed time) and try to gain entry into your keep or other designated structure. This could be done by "grouping" blocks and setting them as an NPC recognized structure. Some could include "WALLS" "KEEP" "DUNGEON" "GATEHOUSE" "GRAINERY" etc. This could help with pathfinding and targeting. This also makes you think of castle construction. If said building is destroyed or the protected contents are taken you lose either resources, or in the event of a keep being destroyed/taken, you lose the plot of land its built on and any surrounding land owned. This works in single player or multiplayer and could be repeated with varying intensities. In the event of a fail you would be required to build again and take back your castle. Again given a task to take the keep or destroy all enemies. This adds replayability and forces you to use your skills learned in the mini quests to win.


In this end game quest you're tasked with selling goods to traders to far away lands and amassing a set amount of money. During this time you must maintain enough stability among your own peasants so they do not die of starvation or revolt due to excessive labor. A balancing act not for the faint of heart. Again could use the "DESIGNATED BUILDING" feature to ease pathfinding and create "ACTIVE ZONES" via placing a "WORKING ZONE" block. These could work in the same way as claims and only allow the materials in that "ZONE" to be farmed, mined, refined, or sold. Finally be the king,of a kingdom!


This is rather self explained. Suit up in your best armor, grab a friend, food, supplies, and your bravery. FOR YOU ARE GOING TO SLAY THAT PESKY DRAGON! Assuming that is you dont get roasted like a human sized potato inside of your tinfoil armor. Track the dragon across the world and find his lair. Set a trap or go hand to hand with your trusty sword! Will you emerge with its head to mount above your castles fireplace or enter only to find that the dragon skipped breakfast? Only your tracking skill, cunning devices, and sharpened steel will decide!


Well heres some food for thought... whats your favorite? Perhaps these things will be the end conglomeration of many more game mechanics to come! Lets make this game one for the ages! The middle ages...

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