Landscaping spikes not working

Jim Coleman shared this bug 5 years ago

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Spikes work as noormal but will not fill onlly dig and diggiing is going deeper thaan normal


Also I am typeing this without being albe to see the text


OK I am typeing this off line as the text box is not working for me do not see the

Text until after I submit the comment I have great Expirence with the Landscape

Stakes over 3000 hrs in ME I was good at them befor the .7 update and was pleased

at the improvement after in just the last few days 2 that I am sure of the

stakes have malfunctioned You can place the stakes as normal The indicatorlights

as normal when I pick up the shovel. BUT If I am digging a high spot it just

continues digging deeper and deeper. If I try to fill I get the animation and

the sound of filling but it does not fill. I repeat I have 3000+ hrs on the game

I am no nube. I Play on the Viking Kings Oceans server. I will test Offline

game right after I post this comment and fix the text box too!!


After Extensive testing and a complete wipe and restore of the game the problem

Only seems to exsist on the Viking Kings Oceans server The Landscape spikes

work fine on other servers and also in my Offline game, But heres the thing

They are working in Viking Kings just 2 segments off if you raise the sticks

2 segments above ground level they seem to work as normal Dont even know what

to say about that

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