Kill the bird, please.

John Richards shared this feedback 5 years ago

Got ME during the Black Friday sales and have been playing it quite a bit since then. Overall, I love it. I have always loved building games, like Sim City, Empire Earth, etc. But this one takes it to a much better level, in my opinion. When you can carve out the terrain, build structures into the earth, and tunnel through a mountain, that gives you infinite possibilities . I am looking forward to seeing it develop and get better.

I have two suggestions at this time. Please kill the incessantly chirping bird in the meadows. I love bird and other wildlife sounds, but this guy never stops, and will drive you nuts after a while.

After learning the building methods and using the interface for several days, I really like it, but it is so time consuming to try to place some objects in places that should be a snap, but you end up searching for just the right spot to stand, and the right angle and elevation of the view to make it snap into place and not be red. If you could make this interface work a bit better, I could get so much more done. The floors seem to be the worst at this.

Keep up the good work. I will continue playing it and will be looking forward to new versions as they arrive.

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