its time to improve the engineer skin!

ibisgrunk shared this feedback 5 years ago

the apron look imho is blacksmith and the new cool combat system needs better than these scrubby peasants swinging sword and holding shield! its time to have rank and file clothing to match - ideas:

  • Gender, and what i would imagine is better female options? does the queen wear an apron like this - who at Keen insults the queen????
  • intent of what they are going to do while playing ME - Clothing relates to profession or a choice of the player for what they are focusing on - you mining gold and need to trade for flax then you find yourself wanting to look like a Miner perhaps?
  • Skin and House Rank - house leaders of large houses need royal clothing, let the main dude wear a crown (gender specific - long live the queen) and maybe there is a Kingsguard outfit?... perhaps clothing is relevant to the rank of your engineer in the house? fun ideas here - also one could and maybe this is visual vomit have the torso be the personal banner and then the coat/outerwear show the house banner. certain mixes are possible...
  • Age? How old is my guy? What if clothing/bodyskin has a direct correlation to how long you have been playing on that server - over time you accumulate an "aging" effect and have options appear for clothing choices, including and not limited to a walking cane. we are not age bias here! why is my engineer always 25?
  • Race? with desert biome and other things we dont have to be stuck in Europe 13th century? my dream has always been Architectural Packs that allow us to build for example mid 12th century Moorish buildings et al. so Race is interesting here because ME is a global game inside and out!
  • Barbarians - Keen you really should have fun with this one because honestly i keep picturing the Knight that says Ni coming running out with a huge moose horned helmet screaming something... so anything to make Barbarians scary would help (evidently my version of scary is weird) - right now the barbarians feel like Armenian bouncers at an Irish Pub i go to in Chicago. i keep wanting to show them but think they would just follow me home so i keep that one to myself. Every now and then in Chicago i look over and driving an older Nissan with a cd disk hanging from the rear view mirror is a Keen Barbarian driving, and usually with EDM blasting...
  • i think this game is Medieval which means we need religious clothing... its time to add the monk, abbot, bishop and other clergy clothing imho. or not and void this thought immediately?
  • please add clothing/skin/face change suggestions because i believe it makes for a more personal playing experience and draws the user more into the game rather than feeling like we are in a borrowed apron.

there once was a mod that had an athletic suit engineer?

folks its time... the apron wearing engineer needs clothing/skin options. personally i would settle for the apron being dynamic to the personal banner... the leather skull cap is no longer viable in the desert biome, we have a heat rash. i would like to shave. some ladies are complaining about wearing pants, things like this...

what if the outfit of one's engineer matches the player role - trader, fighter, griefer, farmer, bard, etc.

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