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x_Mr_Bean_x shared this bug 3 years ago
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G'day DeepFlame and the Awesome ME team at Keen,

Thanks for the awesome job that has been done on ME over the past few months and more. I've been noticing here and there an issue with duplication of items in the game, some seem to occur during multiplayer, ie placing of some things, a player could place an item, and still have one in their inventory. The other time, well this has even occurred with single player, and here is a little snippet vid of that. Scenario used in video is a new empty world, creative game, with default settings and no mods. In the video, I demonstrate the duplication of bags of flour in the mill-stone.

Cheers for all the fun and games

Mr Bean

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Hello, thank you for the report. We know about this issue in the video and we will fix it with the next major update.

From information, I can tell you that there can be a few things happening.

  1. There can be stockpile nearby and when you place, for example, timber, it will consume timber from the stockpile
  2. Lag will sometimes allow a player to place the item and not consume it
  3. Building in creative is not consuming items
  4. A bug that we do not know

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