I finished "life" but did not die. Move around like zombie,

Carlo Vincenzi shared this bug 5 years ago

In one server I fell and lost all "energy" but did not die and respawn. I tried to suicide with Backspace, I tried to reload server, I tried to die again. No solution. I cannot do anything, jump, use tools, open doors... I just go around as zombie

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That sounds oddly familiar... Something like that happened to me in the earlier days of 0.6.

Are you member of a house? If yes, check if you still are. back then I suddenly got thrown out of my own house and had to join as a new member, while (somewhat like a ghost) still being the boss of my house.

Also, did you use the Slav Engineer skin? That one's bugged.


Dear MorshuArtsInc,

Nothing of what you meantioned. I really cannot solve and I feel so bad since this is not the 1st serious bug I experience.

Having a lot of your job and time burnt by these issues really make you seriously think to leave MedEng and go for another game.


Yeah, I get that it can be frustrating. I've been there from the beginning, and thought about quitting several times.

Are you participating in the 0.7 public beta test, or did that happen in a 0.6 version?


It happens in 6.

My problem is that I worked for 10 days on a server and now for unexplainable reason I cannot connect to it.

Then I played for days on another server and I cannod die... I move around like zombie...

I am missing Battlefield and COD

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