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Ray Brand shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hi Team,

Just letting you know that almost 10% of males are color blind and Medieval engineers is an awesome work in progress, but diabolical to play when color blind. I am not even considered badly color blind yet I had to turn off almost all foliage, drop all details, make it almost a 1980s graphics game to finally be able to see Iron markers on the terrain. And then I only just could find it,

Other games like Battlefield have a color blind option. I will persevere on low graphics but it is almost unplayable when you can't easily see colors (Red Green). It was for me almost a deal breaker, but I will hang in there.

Also letting you know the map is a tad buggy, I have lost indicators of where my base is as well as my two sons bases (we al bought it and play it, i am 57 and a life long gamer, my sons are 21 and 27 and we all have a gazillion steam games. Hardcore gamers all :) ) I just have terrain now, no indication where my house is ??? No markers for home or bases, nothing??

Also on the subject of maps. With such a huge world, the map is really confusing. I find if hard to re-find mines, find my way around, my way home!!. Hard to find locations I have made, and locations I want to revisit. A massive world like this would benefit with the ability to put down markers or way points on the map to be able to find your way back to key locations.

You cant have a massive world like this and a difficult map (see Skyrim for suggestions)

Finally, I expect this is intentional and you wont change any of it, but on the subject of fast travel...

It is a pain in the ass :) Not knowing the game play I built my house a long way from a road.

It takes me forever to walk half way across the map to get to a road to fast travel to find the apparently rare Iron deposits. What you have done in effect by making many areas sparse for minerals, but making fast travel difficult. You are forcing players to build near roads, and wasting all that awesome terrain. Why not let us fast travel from anywhere, still keep the need for food etc if you want?? (again, see Skyrim)

Ok, I am done, It is an awesome game, better by a mile than the likes or Rust etc.

The potential is great once you iron out a few bugs.

Keep up the good work


Ray Brand



Please dont be aloof like DICE :( and not bothr replying or just getting a bot to do it.

Us loyal gamers hate that :)


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