Game repeatedly eats RAM and requires forced shutdown

Jim Vyhlidal shared this bug 4 years ago

Medieval Engineers Game client eats RAM. After your ram has all been misplaced by the game, it drops your FPS to 2 -3, client side sim speed drops(known bug), and it requires a restart of the client. After hitting the "exit to desktop" game closes out the GUI, goes to desktop, and the client sits in the background quietly chomping on the RAM till I "CTL+ALT+DEL" and force close the client from the desktop manager. Fix the Ram leak and the rest of the problem should fix itself. This does not happen if the game hasn't eaten all the ram yet.

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I've also noticed this when building large structures, as the game progresses you'll notice that the time between clicking to place a block and it actually being placed start to become longer, to the point where it takes seconds for the blocks to place, and I'm not talking about multiple blocks, a single block placement will take seconds to do. It's as if the game was recalculating the structural integrity for the whole structure every time and keeping it the RAM or something, even on ground level structures that are all "white" with no SI, when you try to exit the game normally it takes minutes to do so, and so I've had to CTRL+ALT+DEL just to restart the game so the RAM gets cleared, when you look at your tasks it's always a ridiculous amount of RAM before you have to kill it.

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