Game Locks Up Entire Computer

Terry DeLaney shared this bug 5 years ago

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I very recently started a Creative world. To date, all of my efforts have been in Survival Mode. I made several attempts, with mods and no mods. Both resulted in the same problem: the computer locks up hard after 5-6 minutes of gameplay.

I cannot do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Alt-Tab, etc. The machine is totally frozen. The only fix is to power down the computer and do a cold boot. The lock-ups seem to occur as I'm laying down blocks or other repetitive objects, such as fencing, Palisades, etc. Again, this is happening only in Creative Mode. Switching the SAME WORLD TO SURVIVAL fixes the crashing.

It appears that the crash is being caused by the inventory system. While resources are not needed to build stuff, the inventory handler must be getting confused during the handshaking process.

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It was suggested I disable the SLI and run ME on only one video card. It works! Invested a couple of hours into the game without a crash. A lot of players like myself think that running multiple GPUs is the Holy Grail of gaming. According to the devs, ME was not optimized to run that way.

I hope they change their mind or add it to the list of things to do.

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