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It is not surprising, but in the Middle Ages there were a lot of wooden buildings. And how do you think that they are most often destroyed?

Not battering ram, not catapults, not barbarians. As you understood from the name - entire villages and cities were burned out by inept or vice versa skillful handling of fire.

Have you ever wondered why the forges were located far from the village and closer to the water?

One spark on the thatched roof and the whole village was lit with flames. Especially colorful villages burned at night!

As you already understood, the fire entered the game: these are torches, lamps, I just have not yet seen how all these wooden buildings are burning. I am silent about space engineers. But if you took up the theme of the Middle Ages, so be so kind as to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. And do not forget that in the middle ages the fire was extinguished only with water.

Not everyone in our time can afford to make a fire, and many have already forgotten about safety. Having built a fire in the forest you can burn out the entire forest. Torch burn out all crops.

Also, they should understand that in the forge, they use the blow and coal from hardwood not for nothing, but for temperature. Is the melting temperature taken into account for different alloys? After all, you know that for melting gold and steel need different temperatures?

And the wind? The only mention of the wind is the mill. Did you know that the fire will spread in that direction - where the wind blows?

And the speed of propagation of fire depends on the direction of the wind, or did you not know that either?

Will Keen go further minecraft or plunge into the darkness of the Middle Ages? It depends, of course, on their professionalism, since it was precisely professionalism that resisted the majority of failures. I don’t even understand why they don’t want to distribute the server load by transferring it to other servers or players' computers, making the game asynchronous.

Fire, water, wind, earth - the Middle Ages are not conceivable without these elements. In minecraft entered 3 elements except the wind.

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