Exploding blocks after 0.6.4 loaded in 0.7.1

Flux shared this bug 5 years ago
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Hello, I just loaded save from 0.6.4 in 0.7.1 and all of my castles are exploding and collapsing :/

Save from is uploaded. It's from 5.1.2019 with no problems. When loaded in 0.7.1, exploding sound will everywhere and structures start collapsing

What could I do more to troubleshoot this? Thanks

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There are two changes that could cause trouble. The first is that the mass of blocks was rebalanced in 0.7. This could make some blocks too heavy for their supporting blocks.

The second change has to do with how we create mountpoints for attacking blocks. They are now part of the 3D block model rather than defined on 2D planes on the edges of the block. This gives us greater flexibility but also more room for errors. So it may be that some of your blocks are simply coming loose.

We recommend loading your world with structural integrity turned off. If blocks still fall down then they are likely not mounting properly. You can send us examples of blocks that are not working together properly. Screenshots are really helpful in these situations.

If your issue is caused by structural integrity, then you can turn on SI view (N) and inspect the load on your block to see which ones are overloaded.


I have this issue as well in my large world. Firstly I suggest you to disable structural integrity. But some blocks will still explode, then you need to fix them one by one. Also use "save as" when you first load your world. So you can go back to original save safely later.

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