Enable overlap between blocks/blueprints

Hohes Haus shared this feedback 5 years ago

Let's be honest here. There isn't that much to do in ME currently, so all you can do is getting super-creative in your buildings. Because of that, it is pretty sad that the game is so restrictive in the ways you can build or place blocks. The following suggestion expands the building possibilities massivly:

Blocks or blueprints of different grids should be able to overlap, at the very least in creative mode, as an option in the Shift-F12 dev-menu or as a dev-made mod on the workshop (i don't think this is doable by 'normal' modders).

Or, in other words, if a block/blueprint is in dynamic placement mode (free rotation and placement) it should not check for other blocks blocking its placement.

I am by far not the first one to ask for this overall, but I think this is the first time on this forum.

Examples of what could be possible (and much more) below.

4aa4cfd5dc4e18d8051f07fabbeea4882b77c6e3875bde68430a0d95875553b8Neither the pictures nor the structures were made by me, all credit goes to Steamuser Shilica for that.

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