Diagonal Timber, Loose Timber, and Workbenches

Teverant shared this feedback 5 years ago

So, a host of block bugs.

The first one that popped up since I've been playing again is that when trying to place a workbench in the world, it starts on its side and can't be adjusted except to be rotated on its lateral axis, so at least I get to choose what way it gets to land on its side. switching between grid snap and back do nothing to fix this.

Secondly, after loading my save a few times, Diagonal Lumber no longer lets me change its length. I can change normal lumber and planks just fine (haven't tried round lumber).

Lastly, or so far, anyway, when deconstructing lumber structures (which is to say, structures made out of lumber pieces rather than pre-fab walls and floors and such) pieces that fall loose have a random chance to just be entities that can't be interacted with except as a physics model. Can't destroy them, can't pick them up.

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