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Destruction of "green" blocks after world reloading

Георгий Бабин shared this bug 5 years ago
Won't Fix

Some blocks, like walls, which are "green" in structural integrity view mode when I placing them are explodes when I reload the world although the area around them still green. Besides, even drawing the textures by voxel hand and making this blocks to grey ones can't fix this issue.

On the forum I was adviced to share my world to Devs can try:

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I loaded your world and had a look around. That is a really big place you have there.

The only problems with structural integrity that I found were roof problems. Basically, where you have large stone blocks at or above the level of tile roofs, the tile roof edges don't hold up to the mass of the stones. Sometimes when you build things in Medieval Engineers you can trick them into working based on the order that you build them. When you load the world it doesn't care what order you built it. It just applies the mass from bottom to top. If that means it adds a heavy mass on top of a weak block then it's probably going to overload.

I didn't have any problems other than a few roof blocks that broke.


I don't know about roof blocks - I didn't check them but I had a problem with round walls at main ladder in the center of castle and flat wall near this ladder from the external side of castle - they just been falling apart every time. Anyway, thank you very much. I'll be checking more.

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