dedicated server speed issues

Martin Mauer shared this feedback 5 years ago

maybe i found something helpful to find and fix bug with decelerate server speed, first i think behind decelerate server speed and raise ping is my complicate adjusted antivirus firewall but after uninstall eset, server speed decelerate after few hours again, coincidence i found in game few corrupted barbarians (weapons can't hurt them but i can push them), later i found corrupted deers too and every time when i go close to these corrupted entities my ping go up and server speed go down, later i found in earth holes in tropical biomes some deers and barbarians who can't move (i think) because they can't find or can't use way to ran away from me (deers) or to attack me (barbarians), after killing these stranded entities, server speed go up and ping go down but i don't know if it related to server speed but it can help find solutions, funny fact when i kill stranded entities and reload server, corrupted entities disappears but when i don't kill stranded entities and reload server corrupted entities still on server

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