Crossbow Zoom in 3rd Person

József Szabó shared this feedback 5 years ago

In 3rd Person View, the zooming shouldn't take us into 1st Person View. There no is actual ironsight, or any reason to switch to 1st Person. We could easily have a simple zoom in 3rd Person as well, and it wouldn't break the 3rd Person experience.

In other games, that take us to 1st Person from 3rd Person on zooming, there is an actual reason. Sorry for the example, but PUBG is using this, because the weapons actually have ironsight that you can use in 1st Person, even SE is eligible for this. In ME, we have no ironsight or anything 1st Person exclusive, that could help us in a way 3rd Person couldn't.

Todays' shooters mostly stay in the selected view, and ME should do so as well.

ME has a great 3rd Person view in the world of building games. SE got it wrong, but ME completely nailed it. It would be a shame to lock certain features behind 1st Person.

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