Crafting materials no more pre-selectable

Michel_0 shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi there,

when starting a crafting receipe in the new 0.7 crafting inventory, it automatically consumes the needed items, we can't actively supply the crafting materials any more.

Simple example i've got few different ingots in my inventory (copper / tin / bronze / iron / steel) and want to craft metal parts, how may i actively provide a specific ingot out of my inventory for this receipe (it may take steel altougth i want copper to be used)?


By other words the "bug" is: The crafting queue can't be filled with crafting supply materials before starting the actual crafting receipe.

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I'd suggest that by default the lowest grade metals gets used first.


Good idea, but not really realizable, since the "lowest grade" materials are not always the same.

For example food reciepes if you're living at fareons grass plains, you might use pumpkins as lowest grade, if you're living in the desert, cactus might be the lowest grade... so the "lowest grade" obviously isn't a really elegant way to implement.

I think best would be to use the "crafting queue" as reciepe supply inventory, which can be pre-filled. Only if there aren't enough materials for crafting, it could automatically try to get them out of the normal players inventory.


Would probably only take a few lines of code to sort and use metals (and other things) in a specific order. Using your steel first unless the recipe specifically calls for it is pretty egregious considering the cost in making steel. Same with round timbers. Game should use square timbers first since round timbers are specific to rotating items. Good thing the game doesn't let you craft metal parts from silver or gold!

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