Constant Lock-Ups In Creative Mode

Terry DeLaney shared this bug 5 years ago

I've just started playing in Creative to do some blueprints. However, I can't get 5 minutes into the game without it locking up the computer HARD. Can't call up the Task Manager, since the entire machine is frozen. I have to shut down the machine and do a cold boot.

Did a file integrity check. Passed. Still locked up. Uninstalled and reinstalled ME. I also completely wiped all files in the User/AppData/Roaming/ME folder. It just keeps locking up.

The game doesn't even have a chance to generate a log file.

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"get 5 minutes into the game"

"doesn't even have a chance to generate a log file"

Which is it?


After 5 minutes of gameplay the machine locks up. The COMPUTER locks up, not only the game itself. The entire computer freezes. All proggies frozen. It can't do anything, not even write a simple error log file.

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