Consistent BSOD after 20-30 minutes of gameplay

Randy Mitchem shared this bug 4 years ago

Hello, i have been getting a BSOD for the past few days consistently after 20-30 minutes of gameplay.

Attached are my DXdiag The crash log for when it doesnt BSOD. Also i have attached the windows log files from the windows report after the BSOD.

For PC config please check the DXdiag.

Server Viking Kings Survival No Mercy (modded)

Note: remove the .txt extention from the dump file in order to use it.

Thank you kindly.


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I managed to fix this issue. Seems that AMD rolled out a faulty driver for the R7 360 with the 18.12.2 driver package.

"Display Driver Uninstaller" and rollback to the previous driver did the trick.

Now, "month after" i installed 19.1.2 and all is good. No BSOD. Memory consumption also seems alot better.



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