Can't load offline world while offline.

Mauricio shared this bug 5 years ago

Steam went offline, tried to load an offline world, the game told me steam was offline and to try the offline setting.

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The game also has an offline setting that you need to set for the world.

Additionally, mods can't be used offline unless you move them to appdata. It's kind of a pain but we really only have the functionality for modders to create mods rather than for players to use them.


The world was in offline mode, I guess it was the mods then? In that case, could I suggest having a specific message for that instead of the regular one? Can the game differentiate between when it can't load because it's an online world and when it's because you are using mods(and don't have them in /appdata)?


Reproduction steps:

1- Open the game

2- Cut internet connection(I made my computer sleep)

3- Try to open an offline world after waiting a little. The game has to understand that internet connection is went

4- Get the error

Sometimes the world opens after connection came back. But a little wait may be necessary.

In my case:

1- I opened the game

2- Made pc sleep

3- Awake

4- Got the error

But I cannot always reproduce this. It is 2/3 chance for now.

Edit: I'm sorry. I got this error in SE. I just noticed that it's ME bugs section. I used search to find this thread.But this bug may be available in ME too. I just didn't notice yet. I also play ME.


Same here. A save game which has 'offline' setting receives with Steam being in offline mode, upon loading attempt, the error message it should be set to offline setting.

Which makes 'offline play' completely unusable, as the precondition being met is not recognized.


Steam is having issues so I loaded it in offline mode. None of my saves show up. What an unnecessary problem to have. Why don't you guys release your product on a proper game service like GoG so we don't have to deal with this garbage?

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