can't build a stone cube block for floor

a a shared this bug 5 years ago

i try build stone floor with stone cube block but if i set it in the ground i don't get any options for build it done

i can build or destroy block if i dig it up but if i try build whole floor then corner block will be issues

problem starts after update 0.7.1.F6757D and is in the newest update

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I have the same issue. It seems to occur when the cube is mostly embedded in rock. The placing of the cube is not a problem, but once placed, it is impossible to remove or build. If the cube has only dirt inside it there is not a problem. Similar to the above, if most of the rock is removed, the cube can be built or removed.


To add to this, prompt to build the block only appears if you are pointing to a location that is almost one block distance away from the rock. As I can now mine almost all of the rock out from within the volume of the cube frame, it appear that the game thinks that the cube is still covered by the rock. The rendering position for the rock might be wrong.

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