[BUG Report] v0.7.1.4B2465 - Can't rotate small grids using LMB

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in my creative world I have noticed that I can't rotate small grids that I can grab with LMB.


1 - Create a new creative world.

2 - Paste small grid Blueprint like a very small chair or a small box made with timbers.

3 - Grab it using Left Mouse Button.

4 - Notice that you can't rotate the small grid using the rotating keys (all)

Additional information :

I can rotate if it is a Blueprint or a copy made with Ctrl+C but I can't paste it after hitting the "O" key for free rotation (see images)

I can't rotate when using LMB item in hand :


I can paste a Blueprint if not on free rotation "O" :23ea6e154f697d62e50edbdae770ae0c

I can't paste Blueprint if I use "O" for free rotation :f9524a348d765ad76783e507716c1a1d

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Additional information :

I also noticed when using "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel" to move the item in hand was extremely slow.

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