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DoodleBugGaming shared this feedback 5 years ago


I am Doodle Bug gaming, I am a content creator small one but even so, have over 1k subs, I love this game, and the potential this game could have is beyond belief, Players in forums want animals, yes pigs, cows, chickens, horses, donkeys etc like in them times animals were used a lot you could go a little further and raise young animals, sell them for coin or keep a heard of them for mile etc and I feel this would bring people back, now I don't no how easy it is to produce this, but please think about it,

This game is brilliant, but.... could be so much better with additionally things even the world seems very dull well boring nothing seems to happen, wildlife well you only have deer's and barbs that are crap by the way, you need to make this game come to life, so the player feels immersive in the world.

But as I say is a good game and is improving slowly.


Doodle Bug

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