Black Terrain

Erik Larrabee shared this bug 5 years ago

I have been playing this game for quite a while (over a year) and had to stop playing for a bit lately because I've just been busy, but now whenever I load a world I get the attached file.

I've tried fresh reinstall and updating drivers and everything and nothing works. Did a recent game update significantly increase the GPU req? I have a garbage GPU but it would work fine before (not even needing minimum settings). My system info is also attached.

I don't know what else you'd need but (all up to date):

Win10 Pro

i7 8th gen


Intel UHD Graphics 620 (I know... sad face)

Any help would be appreciated!

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I also have the same problem on intel uhd graphics 630.

My system has an 8th gen i7-8700, 16gb RAM and windows 10 pro.

It also hapens on space engineers so I think it is a bug in the engine.

My laptop has a nvidia 920m installed and it runs space engineers without the black things.

File is the screenshot of the black things, on a new world.

Files: bug.png

I don't think its a bug in the engine because I have played space engineers with no problem but when I play medieval engineers it does it.

I have intel UHD 620 graphics

intel I5-8250U

8gb RAM


I take that back space engineers just took a little bit to do it.

Sorry for being misleading.


We have problems with newer Intel 620's. We have an older one that works with drivers from 2016. We don't have the newer hardware to test on so we're at a standstill right now on those.

We're not sure about the 630. That's the first report we got from it. Click request help above, make a support ticket, and we'll check it out.


Same problem here. All but the HUD is black. I have system requirements met, but its still not enough to clear the issue.

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