Add highlights to incomplete blocks when using the blueprint table.

MeMSix shared this bug 5 years ago
In Progress

I big annoyance I run into when building blueprints is having to scan the building every layer to find the one incomplete pillar or timber. This task can be highly tedious as with many blocks there is no way to tell the difference between a 66% Timber and a 100% Timber. There is also the occasional small pillar or platform too well hidden in the building to find. It quickly gets to the point where I give up and skip the layer with that one imperfect block in my house keeping me awake at night. If the highlights are overwhelming then it can only appear when there is less than 10 blocks or so or make it a toggle-able option on the table. Thanks for reading my feedback.

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There is supposed to be an in-world icon for incomplete blocks (like the kind for beds and loot bags). It is not working right now and it's in our queue for fixes.

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