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Iron Sword shared this feedback 5 years ago

I would love the AI development to get to the point that we could build a blacksmith shop (for example) and the game gives you the option to pick from a list of workers you can hire for that shop and in this manner build your kingdom. Like if I am building a Blacksmith shop, I would have to supply the workshop and housing for the worker so they have a place to go to after work when the sun goes down and even make it where you control their hours and what you want made in that shop. Like if you need a hammer you can either go and make it yourself or hire the Blacksmith to make you one. If you need several hammers you can assign the Blacksmith to make that number of hammers for you.

This could work for just about anything. The Devs could work on a different person for the AI each time they go to release an update. Here is a list of Ideas:

- A Baker (in charge of baking bread products and the gristmill for grain)

- A Tanner (He can handle leather strips, deer skins, deer heads, and other deer skin related objects)

- A Botanist (For replanting the trees, shrubs and small plants)

- A Gardener (the gardener can be set to grow a variety of crops or specific crops)

- A Lumberjack (for logs, timber and planks)

- A Miner (once again he can be set for one specific ore or several. Like: Stone, Iron,Tin,Copper, Gold etc.)

- A Tailor (to weave new clothes for the engineers, flags and banners etc.)

- A Wheel Wright (to make carts and catapults and other war type items)

- An Inn Keeper (self explanatory)

- A Barkeeper (for the Tavern Self explanatory)

- A Priest (For the Cathedral or chapel)

- A Blacksmith and Weapon smith (The blacksmith can make tools and metal objects and the weapon smith can specialize in make weapons for the kingdom)

- A Carpenter (He can craft Chairs, tables, wood tools, book shelves, barrels, chests, wardrobes, and anything wooden)

- A Trader (For a trading post. This person would be in charge of shipping and receiving of imported and exported goods to and from the kingdom Like shipping & receiving)

- A Brewer (For the Brewery and also in charge of the vineyard for the brewery)

- A Dungeon Keeper (The jailer)

The list can go on as the game grows but you get the picture it would make the game more interactive for you. Like no matter what you build you can assign a person from the AI to do the task. Of have a board to list the jobs available and the jobs are not available until you place a notice on the board that way you won't have someone come wondering in and get in the way. and the workers will not show up until you have plenty of housing built as well. So if no house is built even though you are advertising for the job opening the works stay away until you have provided a home for them. any way there can be more to this idea you can add soldiers and generals etc. to build your army.the options are limitless. so let me here your ideas and votes for this thought!

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