[0.7.1] Structural Integrity Feedback

SpaceEngy shared this feedback 5 years ago


I have been playing 0.7.1 quite a bit lately :D

However, upon building several buildings in survival, I realized that structural integrity, as is right now, still behaves somewhat weird(in my opinion).

I noticed the following cases:

1) when building a 2 high plank wall, topped with a roof piece, the plank walls would get 'heavy' (even though its wood?)

See the screenshot for a test case :) (left wall is heavy, the rest is all light)


2) Wooden Supports don't seem to do what they should? They don't take away structural load, for example a wooden floor directly on top. Shouldn't they alleviate load stress?

3) This is somewhat related to 2 (and wooden floors), but a wooden floor on top of a stone cube, can get very heavy loads(despite its neighbours not having any issues), I would at least assume that the block on the support(stone cube in this case) is the least likely to be a bottleneck?

Bear in mind, this is my personal opinion, I don't know what the developers had in mind with the SI system, this is still just feedback after all.



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