[0.7.1] [SP] Graphics broken

Boromir shared this bug 5 years ago

After downloading and starting the 0.7.1 major update for the first time, the ground and blocks were all black at the Engineer's Guildhouse in ME. I was able to smoothly move the character around but only the sky had a light blue color.

While the game was rendering immediately after the loading screen, it rendered full color just like normal from 0.6.4 for just a moment before I could respond to the Tutorial question. I verified all the graphics settings were still set to Low but this didn't improve it the problem.

This issue is very similar to the SE issue here.

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Same here, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and checking the integrity of the game files

Funny enough, this only started happening for me AFTER I bought and installed the Decorative DLC Pack


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