[0.7.1] Cannot build blueprint in survival

SpaceEngy shared this bug 5 years ago


I was playing on a singleplayer survival world.

I had started the blueprint building quest.

Upon placing the ghost blueprint model in the world,

I noticed that while I did have the materials in my inventory, I could not build the block I was aiming at with my copper hammer.

The game states that I have 'Not Enough Resources to Build' .



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Are you sure you had ALL the materials? As I understood, there is a new building system now, which forces to input resources in a certain order. For example, if you try to build a door and you have metal parts, but didn't put planks yet (and you don't have them), then the game will say that you don't have enough resources.


I had the parts for a single stone cube in my inventory at that time(which was the part I was trying to build). But are you saying I need ALL the parts(E.g. if i want to build a 10x10 stone cube layer, I need the parts for those 100 blocks in my inventory)?

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