- Can't push carts

Daniel Dupuis shared this bug 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

When playing in a new creative wild start world I can't push my carts and even tested with very empty small carts.

Reproducibility: Always


1- Create a new creative Wild Start World + No Barbarian + SI Off.

2- Paste a small cart Blueprint. (Workshop link below)

3- Using your character > Try to push the cart in the "flintstones" way, up in the front part and try to move the cart.

4- Noticed that you can't move at all.

5- Now try to push it from the back, in center.

6- Noticed that you can't push it at all even from the front center, well you may be able but it will be Very Hard and Very Slow.

Cart WS Blueprint used: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918157699

Additional information: I can push (using character) from the wheels, on the side but it should work the other way around > in the back and front better than on the side pushing on wheel.

Image: Can push on wheel or side timber and the cart does not go in a straight line :


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Hello, thank you for the beautiful report. We know that pushing carts is now much harder and it should not be as hard as is it now but even we are trying to encourage players to use rope tool to move carts. One of the reasons we do not want players to use pushing technique on carts is because of animations. It was strange when players were sprinting and pushing cart.


a problem with using rope tool currently is at it break too easily. it can be troublesome when trying to pull a cart uphill. people liked the pushing way, because it allowed more control over where the cart were going and prevented cart rolling away down hill.

that is how i see it. other people likely have other view point.


Yeah, it can be hard. It is better to pull the cart when walking and we want players to experiment with carts. More catch blocks, more wheels, more carts connected with ropes etc.

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