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beelzerob shared this bug 6 years ago
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1) Nothing indicated to me that my normal Keen forum username/email and password wouldn't work here. Sure, new site, but still Keen. I eventually figured out I had to register again. Maybe this is a high entry barrier to prevent frivilous reporting? Anyway, some kind of reminder on the login screen that it is not the same as your forum login might have helped.

2) The login screen pops up over the screen, and greys out/blurs everything behind it. However, when the logging in fails, the failure message is on the webpage behind the login screen, and thus blurred out. It is not prominent at a minimum and impossible to see at worst.

3) Is there any way to stop/minimize the email spam I'm getting?? I just "liked" an idea, and now I'm getting a separate email for every response anyone makes on it. That's overkill. If there is a way to control this, I'm not seeing it (it's normally under "settings" for the user, but I see nothing there. The user should be able to choose individual emails, daily emails, or no emails, at a minimum.

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Thank you for contacting us.

1) We are working on a single sign-on solution for all of our websites.

2) I'm not even seeing the failure message. Could you provide a screenshot of it?

3) The notification options are set per topic and are limited to on and off. Feel free to suggest additional options at



The "Email is Incorrect" message is on the blurred, darkened window behind the login window. It's pretty hard to notice, and it fades away after a few seconds.

For reference, I'm using chrome on Fedora26.


I see. I'll look into it. Maybe I can raise the message above the fade/blur.

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