Movement glitch fwd/bck/side using xbox controller

Yale Henry shared this bug 4 years ago

In experimental, or non experimental, offline, custom game, whenever using jetpack with a xbox 360 controller (xbox one controller does it as well, both wired not wireless), the forward, backward, side to side initial movement seems to be sluggish when you initially push on joystick to move, then when you let off joystick, you will suddenly jump forward going even faster than before, like some sort of delayed visual movement lag.

Rotational movement normal with controller.

Keyboard forward, backward, side to side movement normal, noticable increase in initial speed compared to controller.

So to sum up, keyboard movement is perfectly normal, lags only with controller.

Xbox 360 afterglow controller

Xbox one wired controller

Same effects on both.

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I have the exact same bug. Any controller related input via joystick for me will completely slow everything down, my character, physics, everything. I didn't have this problem until the economy update.

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