HigherKhaos shared this bug 8 months ago

I made a safezone and apparently I'm not allowed in!!

Please help! I'm on NA4 server. I own the [HYP] Hyperion LLC group my username is HigherKhaos and my only other group member is my roommate HigherMadness. We play on PC. I can't get inside my own safezone. It launched one of my ships into forever, but I can rebuild that. I can't enter my own safezone!! Dx please help!!

HYP Hyperion LLC on NA 4 my username is HigherKhaos. I have enough Zone Chips it should be fine for a bit but I think I only have enough uranium for a few days (planned on it being a temporary vessel that I drag [warp] back and forth)

You can check and see I built it all! I just want my space station back!!!

Coords are 8144.22 126706.44 -109403.22

(My roommate tried to get some coords in case he was allowed in, you'll see it from there!)

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Not fixed. But I now know things I didn't.


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