Target Designator (Tool)

Alex Krueger shared this feedback 19 months ago

Let's say you have a pirate base that must go and a remote controlled ship with guns, but you're lazy. So lazy, in fact, the will to remotly pilot that ship has slipped into oblivion along with hopes of planetary conquest. Oh nozzz :(.

You consider some options:

A) Command another player to do it (but you solo)

B) Command an AI to do it (but update unavailable)

C) Blow it up with your mind (it was not very effective)

Options depleted. Nearly out of effort. 🔥But it must go🔥.

What now? Enter the Target Designator: a tool with only 5 easy steps that require your space engineer to move only a wrist and finger (Assuming its equipped and your on a couch) .

1) Equip tool

2) RT (right trigger) on your ship

3) Hold RT on target

4) While holding RT, Look where you want your ship.

5) Release RT.

Then sit back as your ship is sent near the pirate base to smite it with a bulletstorm.

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