Programmable Block Issues (Alt GR functionality)

Christian Gericke shared this bug 2 years ago

I'd like to report which i think is a bug.

I'm using a keyboard for my console, because programming is obviously easier with it and I'm on EU-Server #3.

Whenever i try to insert a bracket (except for the normal one) just like the following: [ ] or these { } or even \ backslash, it is simply not possible to insert those using a normal keyboard, since the Alt Gr Button doesn't seem to have any functionality at all in your game.

brackets and backslash are pretty essential for programming / scripting.

It should be fairly easy to reproduce, make sure you use an usb-keyboard:

1. join one of the servers

2. build a grid with a programmable block on it

3. open the terminal for the programmable block amd click the edit button

4. when in the editing window, just try to insert square brackets [ ] or curly brackets { } or backslash \

My keyboard is 100% working, otherwise i couldn't write this text on the browser of my console.

I hope you understand my issue :D

Kind regards, Chris

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