PCU Limit

Anthony Shafor shared this feedback 18 months ago

I love this game! So much freedom and creativity mixed with realism and ease of access/gameplay! I really wish you guys would focus on a greater PCU build limit for Xbox, as by the time I get done building a single, very minimal, space station (no decor whatsoever and extremely minimal lighting), I can't build anything else, or sometimes even cover up my guts (air vent, conveyors, etc.), so you can forget about trying to even build a 2nd floor😢... After I realized this, I couldnt even finish my small building, let alone build a small ship to travel and enjoy the rest of the game... I was super excited to finish my base and start venturing to nearby planets to build a base on, but I cant even finish a small base, so youre stuck either building a home or a ship... This becomes even more or an issue in survival... Then I just end up hopping on No Mans Sky because its the closest game to what you guys have created, but I would much rather play Space Engineers. Pleeeease focus on higher limits, this is by far one of my favourite games, but I can never get into it because you can only get so far, then you're literallly stuck. Other than this issue, this game is absolutely amazing

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