Field Engineer Update and DLC Suggestions

NOT MYNAME shared this feedback 2 years ago

Paid Content: Conveyor version of the weapon rack with an option to auto pull weapons and ammo from attached systems. (Could use code from conveyor sorter with limited options.) Passage with a centered door enclosed. Phase door maybe. In love with texture of new passages! Bullet riddled block skin. Update: MR-8P Change this into a sniper, adding a 3x clean Scope, the red dot is extremely obstructive. Optional weapon customizations, lasers different scopes, for grips adding more stability and handling. Option to reload before cartridge is emptied keeping already chambered round in the chamber. Cripple effect, EX: shoots leg, player limps until healed, First helmet shot visually cracks visor. Grenades, flash bangs (a magnetic grenade that temporally stops bullets ). Melee action while weapon is equipped and empty fisted. Consumables extra armor that prevents visor crack and cripple effect on first shot. Oh yea and Humanoid Npc's with GoodAI ;) and events Like npc operated ships and hirable npc crew. <3 <3

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