Could you add a menu to the programmable block so that it has functionality on xbox?

Shawn shared this feedback 2 years ago

What I'm thinking would be similar to the Gambit system from Final Fantasy 12, where you have a condition, that, if met, would trigger the ai to perform a specified action, but instead of the ai, you use something like the action menu, for the timer, sensor, etc. to pick a functional block, then choose a condition, then choose an action to be triggered when that condition is met. As an example, the way I'm picturing it, you open the PB, hit the "Program" button, then it opens the menu with all your functional blocks, similar to the action menu, but with tabs for conditions on one side and tabs for actions on the other, preferably with multiple slots and tabs for each. Say, "container a" is "at x% capacity" then in the action side, you tell "sorter a" to turn on, (in this case putting any extra components into "assembler a") and "assembler a" to "switch to disassemble" and "disassemble all", then "end program". Many of the blocks already indicate several states and the game obviously keeps track, so this is honestly what I was expecting when I saw the PB in the build menu. This should open up the block for use on xbox as well as adding significant user friendliness to the block. That way you can keep the PB in the regular game but have scripting locked behind experimental game play, and it should be able to do a lot of the things that light scripts do, and probably heavy ones too if you're clever enough, but shouldn't impact the performance any more than timer blocks. Then when you close the menu there could be another button that pops up for "program 2" depending on the game play balance and performance of having one do multiple or having multiple perform one a piece. I just recently started playing "Space Engineers" and I'm really loving your game. Thanks for all your hard work!

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